# attach the package `AER` # load the `CollegeDistance` data set # get an overview over the data set # generate a histogram of `distance` # attach the package `AER` library(AER) # load the `CollegeDistance` data set data("CollegeDistance") # get an overview over the data set summary(CollegeDistance) # or str(CollegeDistance) # or head(CollegeDistance) # generate a histogram of `distance` hist(CollegeDistance$distance, main = "Distance to College", xlab = "Distance in 10 Miles") test_function("data") test_or({ test_function("summary", args = "object") },{ test_function("head", args = "x") },{ test_function("str", args = "object") }) test_function("hist", args = "x") success_msg("Great. The historgam shows that the majority of the surveyed lived close to a college when they were in high school.")